A contemporary image for a courageous and loving winery producing wine using traditional methods and processes.

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The wine of angels

A true story of such courage and love… Let's tell the world about it through the image and identity of Galfano wine.


When winemaker Giovanni Galfano died prematurely in 2010 aged only 37 years, Alessandra his sister and Fabrizio her husband abandoned their once peaceful, safe life in Turin to move to Sicily to run the business. They did so to fulfil Giovanni’s lifelong dream to produce a wine of distinction using traditional methods.


With a huge investment in love and show of family unity, the pair took up the challenge and asked us to help them redefine the winery’s offer in a way which would overcome negative stereotypes associated with Sicily and its wines. Rather than concentrate on the Italian market, the Galfanos were looking for greater international appeal and reach.


We thought Galfano - the wine of angels - and a fitting tribute to Giovanni. Let’s tell the world about it.




The philosophy that is Galfano

To create an authoritative brand identity for Tenute Galfano, we designed a new logo and distinctive wine label packaging for its eleven wines, as well as a brochure, website and display stand. Seen together these items reflect the essential qualities, core values​ and authenticity of Galfano wines.


Carefully we set about accenting the virtuous aspects of the Galfano story rather than a family tragedy. A celestial winged device was chosen to capture the idea of a labour of love that is the family’s philosophy to wine cultivation. The vine pruning shears represent the family's care of their land and the wine they produce. The grapes are cut by hand to avoid damaging the vines and only natural ingredients are used, with no artificial yeasts or additives.


The matte grey label, with embossed white wings that contrast with the black of the secateurs lends a contemporary, clean finish, with the main typography having a slightly visceral quality. This calm, thoughtful and sophisticated effect is juxtaposed with smaller type in vibrant colours to distinguish each of the wines. 





galfano magazine

galfano magazine

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galfano stand



The world takes notice
This is no stop and start website. Now the online presence of the Galfano brand can grow day by day as the company’s business grows.


The long term prospects are therefore looking good, especially in those countries where Galfano has established a network of agents to represent its wines.


In the USA new company, South Italy Imports, has been set up with a local agent called Galfano USA. The agent has listings in some of the top US restaurants in Pensylvania, Las Vegas, California including Fishbone and Shula’s chain serving specialty and authentic wines from around the world.


Galfano is making progress in other countries including UK, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, China, Taiwan and Philippines.


In spite of the difficult market conditions in Italy, domestic sales are stable even if its positioning is high as a result of the new brand. Galfano is working well in the South of Italy with a forecast of 100,000 bottles for 2013 and a 100% increase due in 2014 when its new network of 15-20 agents start selling in North Italy.

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