A performance of colour, shape, type and swirls creating a pack that carries its heritage and stands out from the competition.

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A creamy twist

Stock Italy, part of Stock Spirits Group (SSG), based in Trieste is well known for its traditional drinks brands including twin brandies, Stock Original and Stock 84. We were commissioned to design a new pack for a sophisticated cream liqueur, an extension of its historic brandy Stock 84 for the luxury retail sector.


Unlike the majority of cream liqueur brands, Stock Crema 84 derives its special qualities from the famous brandy. The unmistakeable character of Stock 84 results from the harmony of aroma, flavour and golden colour developed during long maturation in oak vats, where the brandy acquires its unique mellow taste and palate pleasing smoothness that has been its hallmark for more than 120 years.


Taking the heritage of the Stock 84 identity forward, we developed a pack design with a new twist for a new market. The existing visual language and positioning of Stock 84 was rather masculine and austere, whereas cream liqueurs are seen as soft, sensuous, targeting females in the main.


The new design needed to communicate preciousness, warmth and comfort, while inspiring natural curiosity and sociable sharing. For an impulse purchase product, the pack design had to have instinctive appeal across a wider mixed gender demographic audience. 




crema 84


Liqueur with a flourish
To evoke the drink’s indulgent creamy taste and smoothness, the label design incorporates several swirl devices, including a series of semi-translucent swirls encasing the front and back of bottle. The interplay of shape, colour and textured effects gives the product great shelf standout, distinguishing it from rivals.


The sense of velvet smoothness is accentuated by a secondary swirl device and calligraphy of the word 'Crema' enveloping the existing Stock 84 identity, drawing attention to the brandy's heritage. The unique bottle shape and graded textured look, created by applying a full shrink-wrapped label, is intended to remind brandy connoisseurs of the Stock traditions. The design draws on a warm, inviting colour palette, with gold in particular highlighting the preciousness of Stock 84 brandy. 


Smooth as velvet, precious as gold
Following a successful launch in Italy and Poland, trade response has been positive to the brand. Stock Crema 84 with its authentic, premium brandy base is popular drunk neat, on ice or as a long drink with coffee or Cointreau.

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